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**Warning** READ THIS** HSF Springs

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
I hope this prevents any untold problems with people attempting to use springs, as detailed in my article, to retain their HSF.
In a reply to a post:

I erroneously advised a person to use 18 pound springs. This was a mistake in wording. When I selected my springs, I measured the force exerted by all four, in parallel, at 18 pounds, NOT 18 pounds each.

I also sent out emails to individuals with the same mistake, but did not save the addresses.

A good range of individual spring tensions would be 4-6 pounds each!

I hope I'm not too late.

Remember, guys, you'll need FOUR springs exerting a TOTAL of 12 to 24 pound-force at a particular elongation. To exert 20 lbf on the CPU core, you'll need 4 springs, each contributing a pull of 5 lbf AT THAT ELONGATION. ALL 4 springs MUST exert the SAME force or the HSF might tip to one side!

BTW, nice idea, Hoot!