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Warp 9's March Competition

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Beamed Me Up!
Jun 9, 2013
Cash prizes. Come play with us. :)


AMD Single Thread Mayhem

Starts March 1, 0 hours / Ends March 31, 24 hours UTC / Zulu
Means an afternoon start / end for my time zone.
Any submission appearing after the CLOSED post will be ignored!!!!!

Open to all forum members

SuperPi 1m
SuperPi 32m

Pifast & SuperPi 1m will be added to SuperPi 32m for final score.

AMD Socket AM4, CPU & APU Offerings
Ryzen 1000 Series, Zen
Ryzen 2000 Series, Zen+
Ryzen 3000 Series, Zen 2
Ryzen 5000 Series, Zen 3

I used the following link to determine Series / Family relationship

First place for Each Series / Family will be awarded $50.
No limit to Series / Family entered.
There will be a $25 prize awarded at the end of the competition based on PiFast scores as determined by me.

Any form of ambient cooling allowed!

This also includes outside air, ice buckets, the house thermostat and or tap water, if you can freeze a beer and thaw it on top of the cpu while benching find with me. There will be a $25 prize for the best / worst diy as determined by an open forum vote starting soon after the end of the competition running for 24 hours.

Not allowed any form of mechanical cooling, TEC, chillers, SS and cascades or the use of pots with dry ice, LN2 or Helium.

All, Benchmate required for W8 & 10

Screen Shots:
HWBot requirements with background supplied for the competition.

Just in case of confussion, the actual bench run as well as the Benchmate final score must be present in the screenshot for W8 or W10
Picture of the benching setup
A complete picture of the cooling arrangement if not apparent in the benching setup image if competing
Beer can or similar use requires video.
Using the image insert command from the website is limited to 3 images or 1m total, per post.
Please use the comment / question thread for chatter
Please provide the following text line some where in the post
User / CPU /Bench or Total / Time
Contest up and running. Easy competition for ambient benchers. All are welcome. Come play with us. :)