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Was this a bad decision?

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Mar 16, 2002
Hi all,

I ordered a Barebones kit consisting of an Athlon XP 1800+, Epox 8KHA+ , Volcano 6cu HSF, and a 350W PS in an ATX mid. I feel confident those are all quality components, but they also ran my spare change account down to an undesirable level for the RAM purchase.

Sooo.. I went to Newegg and browsed the manufacturers and prices for 256MB DDR. I've heard good things about Crucial and Kingmax PC2700, but Crucial is pricey and the Kingmax was out of stock. I settled for a stick of Samsung 256MB DDR333 PC2700. I obviously intend to overclock (heck I wouldn't be here otherwise!!) and I am concerned that saving a few bucks ($86 spent) may have limited my fun. Anyone have experience with Samsung RAM? It claims to "not be overclocked PC2100", so my assumption was I would easily reach 166Mhz. Also, with this configuration, what speed should I be able to acheive? Not the PR equivalent, but the actual clock speed... Any input is appreciated.


Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
depends who made the samsung chips? samsung? i have heard good things about samsung but it was mostly RAMBUS.

oh I bet you hit just below 1.75g i dont know much about teh HS though. It seems liek my 1800+ wasnt limite by heat or memory more like it needed more tahn the 1.85v max my board allows.


Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
you might want a better heatsink for higher overclocking(anyways if you attempt a volt mod) your board is great for overclocking i could flash the bios.(acually i did) and hitting 166mhz on a xp isnt seen to often alot of people cant pass around 150-155. always watch your temp the onboard sensor on the 8kha+ seems to work great.


Mar 16, 2002
Thanks for the input guys... My stuff should all arrive mid-week next week and I'll be sure to be in here gloating, crying, begging for help, laughing maniacally or something to the effect. It seems very few people have Samsung DDR in their rigs. I'll be sure to let everyone know how my lil' project works out.

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Abit BH-6 (v1.0!) SS Bios
Celeron 566 @ 850 (100FSB, 2/3 AGP/PCI, 1.70volts)
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GoldenOrb HSF
Abit Slotket
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