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Was wondering whats the fastest Pentium 3 out ?

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so why has intel stopped the p3 line if they have i mean common a 2 gig slow arse celeron !!

that sucks the p3 should be at 2 gig


btw i like youre avatar the movie The Shinning with Jack Nicleson
They stopped P3's because they want to sell more P4's.

I agree it is a shame. The FCPGA2 chips (Tualatins) are
quite good. The celeron versions are hardly crippled at all
when compared to old or P4 celerons.

The Celerons me and Killorbe have keep up with 1.8-2g machines
when overclocked in everything except memory benches....
Intel saw that the end of the P3 was at hand and moved to the P4. If Intel had stuck with the P3, they'd be in the same boat as AMD is now, fighting for every last MHz with costly retooling for each speed increase. Production lines down for retooling don't make any money, as AMD is finding out now...