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wasted money on pep66 because of mb unstable with more than 2 sticks of memory

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Mr. Potatoehead

Jan 9, 2001
I had a gorb and couldn't get it stable at 133 and I had 3 sticks of memory in my machine, so I thought I needed better cooling, so I buy the pep66t for 33 bucks. Still not stable. Take another stick and boom, runs at 133 with 2 sticks of memory. I would have been fine with the 9 dollar orb. Dang it.
hey are they all the same kind of memory,I mean are they cl2 or cl3 I have some cl2 memory bot one stick was onle cl2 upto 100mhz and I found this out in sandra,its worth a shot.Mine was doin the same thing though and I couldnt figure it out and when I found this out I went in the bios and changed my memory to cl3 and it has been fine ever since.
I have the bios to cl3 across the board,
I have mixed the memory and tried different slots. so I am running with 196 meg of ram instead of 320. all memory is pc133.
Sometimes even if the memory is similar it won't be stable. But it may be stable if the memory is exactly the same.

But if it is working well then you are all set anyway, right?
Yep, I've heard from several people now that two sticks of RAM is about max for stable overclocking. Personally, I think the Alpha is a good investment though, especially running above 1 gig. Definitely better than the Gorb.
Trust me, your cpu is much happier with the Alpha. I made the same swap (Gorb to PEP66) and the temps came down, and the FSB went up.

I'm happy, the Celeron's happy....Alpha hsf's are a good investment.

Keep it, and work on the memory situation.

Mr B
I would have been happier if I could use all
my ram instead of just 2 sticks, now I will
have to sell the rest at a price way lower
than what I paid.
So, the piii700 is running at 933 at 1.85.
I wonder, do you guys think the new 815e boards would allow me to use all the slots
at 133?
A VP6 will let you use 4 DIMMs (up to 1GB) even with a PEP66 (or two) I have 4x 128MB Mushkin Rev 2 on this one without a problem. Some MBs won't handle a double sided (256MB) DIMM in the last slot, but will tolerate a single sided one.

They would make a great overclocking board for just one cpu plus RAID/ATA100 support as well. With the Via 686B chipset they are damn near as fast as a BX too.
This is the kind of thing that one should look at when buying a motherboard. I know that I can fit a cow on my motherboard without getting in the way too much!!!

A golden orb is 100 times inferior to an Alpha Heatsink and fan combo.

From reading what you have put - you are on for buying a new mobo to be able to use all these dodgy sticks of RAM - why not just go to Cruical.com and buy a big f*** off stick of CAS2 PC133 that covers all bases.

I feel sometimes that people lose focus on the problem from the frustration of their circumstance.
Jeff Evans (Mar 18, 2001 06:34 a.m.):
Tell you what, I wish I had a big a$$ stick of CAS2 PC133 right now.

Yeah, me too, me too......

I found something interesting the other night. I just got an Alpha P3125 for my P/// 600E. I had read in a review of either the HS or my Asus P3C200 mb, that the Alpha wouldn't fit due to cearance problems with a capacitor, and the ATX power socket.

After installing the Alpha on the P///, and before installing on the Soyo I'm running right now, I "test" fit on the Asus. Absolutely WILL fit, no problem.

I'm swapping mb's today, as the Asus will let me run 1.9v to the P///, where the Soyo maxes at 1.8v.

Here I go again.....here I come 900+ MHz......=)

Mr B
Corsair has 256 meg sticks of PC-150 CAS-2 on sale for $100 at several vendors. I just ordered a 256 meg module of Kingmax TinyBGA PC-150 for under $120 shipped. Yep, memory prices are low, good time o buy.

Mr. Spud Cranium, if you're really serious about getting the i815 mobo, email me. I'm seriously thinking of upgrading to Abit SA6R or VP6 and if so, I'll have a good Abit SE6 (with nice cooling mods) that might need a home. I'm assuming you can use all 3 DIMM slots, although personally, I've never had more than one stick in it at a time. However, the manual says you can "populate" any of the slots with any size RAM modules up to 512 meg.
No thanks on the mb Mr. Batboy, I would probably buy the Asus cusl-2-c board if I were to buy one.
I guess I will have to decide if I can unload
my 64 meg sticks before I buy another 128 or 256 meg stick. I have a muskin rev 1.5 128meg stick and a 64 meg mushkin samsung chip in the box right now. Is the kingston pc 150 chip the way to go from crazypc if I get more?
Those Asus boards are a tweaker's delight. If I have any complaint about my current board, is that there isn't enough settings. I like to tweak.

I like to try and match my RAM up the best as possible. Memory will only run as fast as your slowest module. Several places sell the Kingmax 256 meg PC-150 for about $120 or less delivered. I saw CrazyPC had a good rating, so I ordered from them. Never done business with them before, so we'll soon see.
I have two KT7-Rs each with two Crucial 256 meg, CAS2 PC133 sticks. No problems at all.