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watching videos with hardware acceleration..potplayer vs mpc-hc

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Aug 27, 2003
Mississauga, Ontario
I just have a couple of questions, if there are any experts here..

I'm using MPC-HC and Potplayer as my players, mostly Potplayer now (before it was all MPC), and MADVR with Lav filters.

But I noticed that ALL videos played with Potplayer are either native or converted to YUY2 4:2:2 colour, whereas all videos, same ones, are converted or native at NV12 4:2:0, but all the settings are the same in both, so I don't get that.

In any case, I like the subs in MPC-HC better so I want to switch back, but I can't help but think that YUY2 is better, just because it sounds better (and from what I've read about colours and the three numbers).

Secondly, Vobsub doesn't work properly in potplayer, it has the same settings as MPC native, so I could use those in potplayer but when I set it up, it doesn't work always, it doesn't keep the colour I want, especially with embedded subs, it uses thick white colour even when I have it set as override everything.

Thirdly, is there anyway in MPC to setup the num keys to make the video bigger (wider etc.) by a smaller amount, like in potplayer. When pushing 9 for example, the whole video gets bigger by one pixel in potplayer, but by like 20 pixels in MPC. That is the only downside I can think of with MPC.

Thank you for any input.

PS.. what is xy-vobsub all about? Is it better, more customizable? How do you install that if you already have vobsub?


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Where did you hear that? Also, do you have an example of anything people widely use that cannot be played by PotPlayer freeware, I always wanted to know that, since I stopped installing klite more than 10 years ago. I keep waiting to come across anything PotPlayer can't play natively.

Original poster, by subs do you mean subtitles?
If so, this is what I do in PotPlayer:

Subtitle >

Click on + next to Subtitle > Font style > Set Default Font to: Arial Rounded MT Bold Oblique 18 [not @Arial - Arial without @] > OK

Text: Dark yellow

[Also right click on screen > Subtitles > Subtitle Style > [on top] CHECK: Use Bold Font
(if necessary) Right click on screen > Subtitles > CHECK: Use opaque box border style]