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Water and Peltier cooling

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New Member
Feb 18, 2001

I have my Athlon Classic watercooled. Now i want to cool the watertank with 2 x 79 Watt Peltier. (the cold side on the coppertank and on the hot side a 160 x 80 mm cooper heatsink with two 80 mm Papst-Fans.

Now to my proplem: I want to buy (how? ;-)) a temperature controll for the peltiers.

The peltiers should get more voltage if the water is hot an less if the water is cold. But i dont want to turn the peltiers off! Only more or less voltage, because Peltiers die if you turn them off on off on ... ;o)

The peltiers are directly connected to my powersupply. (550 Watt)

Each peltier need 8 Ampere at the maximum.

Any Idea? A controll for fans is definitly too waek.

Sorry for my bad spelling ... i am a Austrian Guy.

c ya

Just some thoughts here.

Are you using a pelt on your K7? Or is it just the water block? If not, it would be alot easier to implement that, than to attempt to cool the H2O tank.

I'm not sure you would get a 'good' return by using the pelts on the side of the water tank. The surface area of water that comes in contact with the cold copper isn't that great (if you are using a flat walled tank - which you should be to maximize the surface area). Now, if there was some way to increase the amount of cold (via the pelts) surface area to the water, that might work, but I'm still thinking that it would be an uphill battle.

As for how to build a control circut, I've forgot most of my electronics - so I'm no help there.
Thank your for your reply!

Yes i want to buy/build a control circut! On the CPU is only a cooper water block.

But the water get hotter and hotter! And so i want to cool it with the peltiers. If i cool it without a control circut i think the water get too cold and i have problems with water how appear on my cooler etc.

The surface is big enought. There is a passive heatsink stuck on the inner side of the cooper H20 tank. (heatsink - 2 mm cooper - peltier - heatsink - fans)

So i think this must work great (too great if the water freeze ;-))

c ya

Are you running the water through a radiator? A radiator (with fan) cools the water nearly to the point of room temp for most people.
Yes i do!

But i want to build the hole watercoolingsystem into my case! The ratiator cool not enough!

My Athlon need 2 Volt to rock solid, and so there is a lot of heat!
I have an idea...you don't need to build a control circut to do this...

What I suggest is that you make your device, which is called a "Chiller"
The way that you keep the water from freezing inside the chiller is you need a pump with a high flow rating...the more water that it can pump in an hour the better.

Next, when you make the chiller, make it so that the return water (water that comes back to the tank after cooling the CPU) flows directly onto the heatsinks being cooled by your peltiers.

If you set it up like the way that I said the water will not freeze. Also, how many liters of water do you want your water tank to hold?
The problem is the condensation!

With Anti-Freeze from cars i dont have a problem! But the condensation on my CPU ;-( ... and my GPU ... etc.

so i need a controll circut!

c ya
I don't think that condensation will be an issue...what are the specs that your running or want to run?

In any case, I have never seen a unit that can do what you want...you will have to have someone design one for you

Somebody in the HARDOCP Forum was able tohelp me!

Yeah! I need this!

Now my Ahtlon run with 1.95 Volt (750 @ 1000 MHZ) I think i could get to 1100 with a little better cooling and 2.05 Volt. (on 2.05 Volt the water get really hot!)

And belive me: Condensation is a big problem! I try it ;-)

I build this cooling for the future! (AMD Thunderbird)

Thanks to all of you!