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Water and Pelts, Northbridge cooling

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Jul 4, 2001
1) I'll be setting my system in a few days (8KHA, T-bird 1400) with a DD Maze2. I also have an old 56W TEC and a copper coldplate (I know, I should have got a Maze2-1 if I wanted to use a tec), and I was wondering how much of a difference the pelt would make (seeings how it only 56W, and probably low pressure)? The water setup has a large rad with excellent cooling.

2) How crucial is the cooling of the northbridge? I mean, is the stock adequate, or would a blorb work that much better? As well, would cooling the southbridge have any effect?
1) If you use a low power peltier in a high output CPU like the T-bird you won't be able to pump all the heat from the CPU to the waterblock. You'll fry your CPU. If you want to use a peltier you'll be needing a bigger one. At leat a 100W.

2) The Northbridge would need cooling if you are running above 133MHz. Check it first. Puting some thermal paste or the blorb+thermalpaste will be enough, unless you are running really high FSB.

3) The Southbridge doesn't gets too hot, but if you are running the PCI bus at 40+MHz it might. Check it. If you feel it hot, put a heatsink with thermal paste.

BTW, you should check your clock generator chip. If your Northbridge is getting hot, the PLL might be getting hot also. Put a small heatsink there.
Thanks. Good thing I asked :)
One more thing, where is the PLL usually located, and what does it look like? (EP8kha)
Better Air cooling of the Northbridge will help of you are pushing the FSB. Put a cheap CoolerMaster Socket A, or old Pentium HSF on it. A small HS on the clock gen will help too.