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Water, car radiator, fridge & freezer, something for the extremists

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Jun 21, 2001
Hi there, im studying Technology in the UK, at college, i am on my final year, which i need to build a working product wich can be anything, with in reason (i think my idea just is border line within reason :) ) I have decided to build a water cooling system, with a computer case refrigration system, hopefully, this will make vapochill look like a 80mm fan :)

Size and weight is no object, so heres my design, tell me what you think.

The CPU, GPU and chipset are cooled by water, like a normal setup, the water will run out of the water blocks into the radiators, the radiators are small car radiators, measuring about the size of a full computer tower case, but a bit thinner, the two radiators are linked in series with eachother.

From the radiator the cool water will run to the reservoir, which will be containd in a mini freezer to chill the water, the freezer should cope as the water is cooled before hand by the radiators. The radiators will have one very large fan on each, kinda like a home fan for those hot days.

After the reserveoir the water is pumped back around to the blocks again. The CPU will have two 170 watt pelts on it, and perhaps (undecided yet) the GPU will have a small pelt on it.

The bottom half of the Computer case will be sealed, like a fridge, all disk drives will be placed outside of the sealed unit.
A fridge compressor will pump cool air into the bottom of the seald case, and will warm air out from the top.

The diagram shows what i mean if know one has a clue what im on about :))

ps, sorry for the spelling mistakes and typos that i missed, im using word pad, and i cant spell or type for my life :)

The one problem I see is with the fans. They're sitting relatively close to the case and will have a hard time drawing air in to blow across the radiators. Other than that I'm sure the chip will be very cold.
Won't the warm air blown from the radiators' fans get sucked back? Maybe you should devise some form of ducting to either throw the hot air further away or get cold air from further away.
Hi, thanks for your replys,
i think i will increase the distance between the fans and the computer case, this should stop the fans haveing trouble getting air easily.

ducting is what i thought off, my idea was to suck cool air in from the front, and blow hot air out to the back of the fans, that would be simple to do as you only need to seal off the right end of the fans at each end

other than that, is it all going to be simple to build, i got just under a year to do it :) if everything goes well, i think so