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Water cooled AM1 system.

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Dec 31, 2015
I have a few water cooling parts and was thinking of building a am1 setup....

Yes, water cooling a 25w cpu :screwy: Why not? I have the fittings and a few chip set water blocks :rofl:
I would just need a pump, (dc-lt is like 25$) some tubing (10$) a res (25-35$) and a rad ($??)
The only problem is that the case I have uses a 80mm intake fan and 2 60mm rear fans and I don't want to put a rad were the intake fan is. So that leaves me with a dual 60mm rad :sly: Not to many dual 60mm or even 60mm rads out there. Back in the day there was, but they were all aluminum and wile there are ways to safely mix aluminum and copper in a loop I rather not. There are also refrigerator rads out there that use 60mm fans but there are also all aluminum. :blah:

I could make my own aluminum blocks with the tops of the blocks I have. Or mix both copper and aluminum, I would have to treat the water and change it out a lot to keep it from killing the loop.
that or find some sort of copper rad not meant for a pc and mod it so it will work in my pc, that or mod the case witch I don't want to do.

What are your thoughts? My thoughts are that I'm crazy and need put in the nut house :screwy:
I probably will. still I bet it would be the first WC'd am1 setup