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Water cooled power supply

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Senior Member
May 20, 2001
I noticed that www.koolance.com had a water cooled power supply as part of their system, but it also mentioned that it wasn't suitable for any system over 1ghz or DDR memory. I was wondering if anyone has made one that would work for over 1ghz, I'm a poor bastard I'd rather make my own stuff. Also their page doesn't say why it shouldn't be used, anyone know why?
my guess would have to be that if water leaked onto your power supply, you could have a butt load of problems.... like a fire, nuking everything, shorting out ever component... stuff like that ;-)
someone actually filled a psu with a non conductive liquid once. Looked very nice, but a heck of a lot of trouble to replace if the psu went bad. Seems like he used mineral oil or something? Anyone remember this?
the problem with the coolance supply ,is they chose the 1 thing that put off the most heat and cooled it , while disregarding all the other PSU components ,, they may not all be microwaves , but need airflow to keep at operating temp also ,, Its going to take a different approach to make a really effective water cooled PSU... sounds like a future project maybe :)
Shadow, I read that too. The article was called the Silentium project, and I think it was under the "other" section of the reviews & tips.