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water coolin' video

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Apr 5, 2001
ok . . . so does anyone have any input for me, please?! I'm considerin' a water cooled vid setup to go with the new wc sys. setup. I'm runnin' g'force 2gts @ 215/355 right now and lookin' forward to makin' it better.

I'm still on air but just about ready to implement Eheim 1046 pump, BeCooling water jacket, radiator, Panaflo 120mm fan sucking @ rad., Panaflo 92mm fan blowing @ exhaust, and water wetter mix to facilitate the flow.

BeCooling does have a vid jacket I could use, but I wanted to see what other suggestions are out there before making that plunge. How effective are those setups in general and are there any stand-outs in performance? How much difference do the heatsink "fins" that come with some of the sets make on the vid chips? Any other considerations or thoughts I haven't covered on the subject? Please, feel free to lay it on me. I'd appreciate your candor.
Sorry man, but unless you're overclocking the RAM significantly then you're not going to see any gains. The GPU is memory-bandwidth limited... you could overclock the core to 2Ghz and maybe gain 2fps... cool the RAM and you'll be in business.

I'd concur.... I saw results from a TNT2 Ultra watercooling project here on the forum somewhere and the results from core overclocking were minimal..... fitting a waterblock to a GPU has got to be a pain in the arse anyway.....

I put a Senfu on my Radeon today, and just started a thread in Video as to it... so far so good, but I havn't benched it yet, or upped the clock..... 169/169 with an LE, and at the moment my vid card temp hasn't gone over 76f. 68f in my computer room.