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Water cooling beginner

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Nov 19, 2002
In slots 2 & 4!
Hey Guys,

I want to start a water cooling solution, and I am pretty lost on where to start. I would prefer to buy a whole kit and not have to buy individual components. I am not really against building my own, but I want to keep it simple/foolproof. Are there any good ones that anyone can recommend? I would like to try and stay under 200 dollars. Thanks!

You need a waterblock, tubing, raditor with shroud and fan, and a pump and a resvoir or tline. Since your a newbie to watercooling(no offense) i think you'll be better than a resvoir.

Kits are usually not good and dont perform as well as something you make yourself. Like the Thermal Aquairus kit got temperatures of 53 celcius when overclocked. With a custom made kit by yourslef it would be like 38 celcius.

Some kits are Thermal Aquarius, Danger Den etc
Do not buy the Iceberg kit because they have been known to leak especially the resvoir.

You can buy kits at www.dtekcustoms.com, www.cooltechnica.com, dangerden.com

Please take a look at the watercooling section first i would recomend
Chevette heater core w/ 120 push+pull and shroud
1/2" tubing with 1/8" walls
zinc plated worm-drive clamps 7/16" - 25/32"
Quiet One 1200 pump 6.1 head
Little River water block
DD maze 4 GPU waterblock

This was my newbie post a while back. This is a culmination of all the research I did. Im getting it for Xmas, so I dont know 100% that its da bomb, but the parts are a good combo of recomended parts. The pump is a bit sketchy but I figure at worst its a 20$ mistake.

<edit> This is posted at work..I think I might have gone with stainless steel clamps. If you want more info on these parts, PM me and Ill send you my list of where to buy these
My setup(the whole thing including paste coolant disttiled water etc on 2nd day air shipping)...cost 135 from www.dtek.com (WITHOUT THE WATERBLOCK)

The waterblock with 2nd day air shipping cost 67 dollars from www.directron.com

The Second Pump and tubing and Clamps cost 103 bucks from www.cooltechnica.com

Temps achieved on a p4 3ghz 800fsb are 17 celcius idle on cold days and 30 celcius MAX load(with via pump) 28 maxload(with einheim 1048 pump)
No i didnt combine the two pumps lol. I just replaced the Via 1300 because it was toooo Noisy. So i ordered a second pump and some spare tubing hehe.