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Water cooling Idea&#39s ???

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Dec 17, 2000
Northeast Tennessee
I been using water cooling for a week now and have experimented with about everything I can think of. I have a Danger Den copper block and and rest is stuff I put togther myself . I have found that with vcore voltage of 2.19 it is very hard to keep stuff cool, any with water. The best thing I can fiqure to do is forget the raditior and fans and used a 5 gal bucket under my desk. lucky I have a desk were things can't be seen. My cpu temp is 38c no matter what I do for how long I do it. I do have a fan cut in on the side of my case blowing in on the voltage regulator and cpu block so I know this help's , has anyone found that a raditor does not help with such high volt and overclocking.????
I run a celly 566 @ 2.05v & a geforce 2 through a mid 80's mustang heater core with 2 nidec 28 blowers and the water stays room temp
I made my own block out of aluminum(Pretty Basic) Used a Deli Cat Cat food container(Plastic holds about 1/2 gal)Put a pump inside(Submergable) Used a heater cor out of a 77 Caprice

1.90 volts

1001 Mhz

Temps are 24 idel
Temps at load reach 33 Never more
Running 24/7
How are you providing airflow to your Cooling Cube? I asked Dan about running two fans, one pulling and one pushing. He replied that one fan pulling is best as it avoids turbulence and two fans would only be necessary in extreme conditions i.e. pelts, etc. FWIW, I decided to go with two 131 CFM YS Tech fans, each on a variable speed voltage regulator. I should have it up and running tomorrow to provide more feedback. Given my dual 80 mm fan FOP32 experiments, I suspect a second fan will lower the temps by two or three degrees.

Also are you using Artic Silver? Nevin’s silver goop really works.