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Water cooling kit question

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The real question is... Do any of us really want to come across this system.

My first impression on this unit is that it appears to be a low end compact design watercooler.

-supposidly quiet
-simplicity of setup(my assumption)

-fans cooling the rad look very wimpy.
-tubes appear to be 1/4 id, 3/8 id.
-performace under par with what most of us come to accept as "good" performance

"Perfect for overclock use due to extreme cooling capacity"
...sure :rolleyes:

I havent used this product, but I can tell you it has nothing on our DIY w/c systems we put together ourselves in these forums.
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I've attached the specifications given inside their manual (pdf online). Dont know if this will work!

I know its probably not up to comparison with the custom made wc systems you guys make here, but do you think it could be a decent alternative for my air cooling at the moment? See my sig for my overclocking info.


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your current heatsink/fan will probably outpreform this..
basides the fact that it contains copper/aluminum and is packed with distilled water (that means major corrsion), the cooling on this appears to ressemble a fin heatsinking, which isn't as affective as heatercore radiators. Also its only cooled with ~34cfm of air...
thats horrible, even if you took a high-end custom cooling kit and only used 34cfm of air to cool it, it would get you no where. If use anything lower then 50cfm, it gets hard to overclock. IMHO, this is a complete waste of money.
that 70 mm 18cfm fan sure is small as is the 17 gal per hour pump. In comparison most DIY use at least one 120 mm fan pushing >100 cfms, and pumps that push from 150 to over 300 gph. Also the cpu block is a mix of copper and aluminium, which imo is not a good mix as it can cause galvanic reactions and promte corrosion. Not to mention the restrictive plumbing.

Now that iv'e picked this kit apart. It might work better than your present heatsink fan setup depending on what that is. Most of these low performers don't do much better than a high quality HSF.