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Water Cooling Parts?

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Jul 18, 2001
Moscow, ID
Just tonight I have been looking into water cooling for the first time, and I am convinced that I will be needing after I finish putting together my system. I don't know exactly what a water block is. I also have another question, why don't you use a 1:1 mix of water and antifreeze?
The water block is the part that goes on top of the cpu. You don't use a 1:1 mix because water has a better heat coefficient than antifreeze. You just need about 10% antifreeze to kill algae/fungus and prevent corrosion if you have both copper and aluminum parts. I suggest you read through the articles in the water cooling section of this site.
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A water block mounts to the cpu and transfers heat by running water through it. Water cooling systems also have radiators to cool the water down after it goes through the water block. Antifreeze actually makes the water less willing to absorb heat. Sometimes antifreeze is used in water cooled Peltier setups since the temps can go below freezing.