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Water cooling rig???

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Apr 22, 2001
As I know I have 2 ways to go with watercooling. I dont wont anything extreme only good cooling at low noise.
The first way a "open" system with a water tank.
The second way "closed" system without a water tank.
I am like the second way more becaues less space and cheeper. But will the preformance be much lower without a water tank. And I am planing on geting the maze 2 waterblock and a radiator with a 92 cm fan blowing 35 cfm is that good or does it take more to cool the water. I have a 1000Mhz T-bird @ 1400 witch temp sould I get with watercooling 20-30 c maybe???
Witch radiator do you like and as I sad I wont a quite system And can I soundproofing a watercooling system and is a 600l /h pump good or sould it be stronger.
That is alot of questions and I hope you know the answers because I dont : )
both open and closed systems have can have "tanks".

The tank is going to be the advantage as the more water you have the more coolant you have. This make sense?