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Water cooling setup - hose OD/ID fittings

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Mar 2, 2002
New York
Well this will be interesting. I'm setting up my first water cooled rig and when I ordered the parts I was fairly confident in the things I was buying. Now that I look back at everything I ordered i'm totally confused :D

The Eheim pump I ordered has these fittings:
1 Fitting (suction side) is 3/4" - 17mm

1 Fitting (pressure side) is 1/2" - 13mm

I don't even want to know why the suction side has a 3/4" fitting :rolleyes:

Now I figure out the Swiftech waterblock I ordered has 3/8" OD fittings, which I think is 1/4" ID. I ordered 3/8" ID silicone tubing.

I ordered the heater core from Danger Den with 3/8" fittings. Would that be 3/8" ID or OD?

Other then that, everything is fine... heh. It looks like i'm going to have to get quite a few adaptor fittings, hoses, and other stuff to make this all work together. Is this normally or is this setup just totally screwed up? :D
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Getting all the stuff ya need you first time can be confusing,But if your missing anything or need adapters or some help just pop in to a good hardware store they will hook ya up.
I ordered the Heater Core from Dangerden.com with 3/8" fittings Here . Does this mean they are 3/8" ID or OD?
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