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Water Cooling Setup

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I wouldn't want to try it. Insufficient surface area for effective cooling, not to mention what happens to the thermal properties of the alcohol when it evaporates. Plus, if you are near a heat or flame source (you don't smoke, do you?) and the alcohol lights, you've got entirely the wrong thing going then...just the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. There ARE some heat pipe coolers on the market that use alcohol or other fluid with a low vapor pressure, but they have plenty of fins to radiate the heat away. Interesting thought...keep thinking outside of the box and you might get somewhere.
I see where your going with this but unfortunately it won't work...

First off, alcohol doesn't have great heat transfer properties. You don't have to worry about it catching fire because isopropyl isn't readily combustable at least at the concentrations that you would have access to.

Secondly, suppose that you replaced the alcohol with water (has great heat transfer properties). You have a pumping action, sort of. The heat from the cpu would travel to the cooler water, this would work until the water reached an equilibrium temperature...heat likes to travel from hot to cold...so if you could keep the water temperature down it would work...however, your idea doesn't provide a good means of keeping the liquid cool...so the heat wouldn't travel to the water as fast and would build up...

Feel free to ask questions if don't understand something