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Water cooling setup

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
I was wondering, I have a DangerDen kit<Largest one> hooked up now with my Eheim 1250 Hobby Pump. I was wondering what kind of decrease in temps I would recieve if I hooked on another radiator. I was thinking of yet, another cooling cube from DangerDen.com and wanted to know if anyone has tested this out. Even if it was with a different setup then I. Thanks ya'll.
I'm looking at your sig, and it says 26-30C... That's too high?! I think if you want to drop CPU temps, you should look into high powered peltiers. The danger den cube is a beast of a heat exchanger, and it should be able to easily handle your Tbird and a peltier IMO.

Nice setup, BTW
your doing great!!! What is the ambient temp??? That is the lowest you can get your cpu temp is the same as the ambient air.
Well, thing is that I would like to keep the water cooler if I was going to go the peltier route. My ambient is room temp or case temp? If room, then it's 70F. If case temp, then it's 23C. I put ice in my resavior every so often but I want cooler water. Call me crazy but I am not satisfied until I can get it below 25C at load. I don't really want the condensation problem so I am thinking that if I can effectively keep the water temp down I can reach as close to ambient as I can before going lower and get condensation. My DD cube has a 120mm YS-Tech fan sucking air out of it and it is placed inside my case. My pump is submerged and is sitting outside my case. I was thinking of getting another cube and putting it outside my case with another YS-Tech 120mm sucking out to get a more ambient temp at load. What do you all think?
well ambient is whatever the temp of the air going through your radiator is. If its at the top with the fan blowing out, then its the case temp. If its at the bottom sucking air from the outside. Your temps are really great, your case temp is 23, and you are at 25-30. A second rad may improve them, but i don't think its worth the money. Have you tried pushing your bird further?? You are getting close to its limit, but it may have a little further to go especially with the great temps you have.
Actually, I put in some crucial 256meg ram in my system the other day. I heard a pop and my case started smoking. Dunno what happend but I can't reach 1.4 gigs anymore without the chipset voltage being at 3.7 minimum anymore. That's 3.7 in the BIOS, sandra says it's at 3.79. My board looks fine and I have seen NO burned areas on any components. I am at 1.85vcore on my tbird at 1.33 now so I would have to do a mod to the MB before I could go higher. But I am lazy, hehe. All I know is that I am looking forward to the KG7 to come out so I can get a reliable DDR MB to upgrade to.
You could try getting an old AC unit off ebay maybe and then strap your radiator to the evaporator. That should keep the water about 10C :).

I noticed you said you put new ram in and couldnt reach 1.4 gigs anymore. I also notice you got a pop! (dont know what that was). Did you put the ram in a different slot? try moving your ram around to a different Dimm slot it may help. I personally dont know why your not satisfied with your temps! Those are great temps especially with a T-bird!
Hell my PIII 800 @ 960mhz runs around 29c -32c between idle and full load without a tec installed! Of course thats with not as good of a waterblock or radiator. With the tec it runs around 2.5c @ idle and 10c @ load. But I still cant get any higher then 1008 mhz stable. I'm at the limit for this chip I believe. At least without any very extreme cooling!
Yeah, I tried moving my DIMM from the DIMM1 to DIMM2 slots and still get the same effect. Was thinking of putting it in the 3rd slot (Which is the one next to the CPU) but on my KT7A I have to take out my herc vid card to lock it in place. I've just been to lazy this weekend. I think I will try it now though.