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water cooling success storys

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
id like to here how much more you guys got from your chips after water cooling with or with out peltiers. right now im facing a desition or weather to look into better cooling(water) or get a new chip. the chip in question is a p3 800e
Why aren't you looking at AMD CPUs as they have better performance/price ratios? Your P3 800E will hardly output more than half the wattage of a Tbird with both at 1.2GHz. A free processor, perhaps?
i think what he is saying is that he has a p3 800E, if you look at the cpu database, most of the people with that chip, and a peltier/watercooling setup had more than a gigahertz!
According to Radiate, a P3E at 800MHz will output 22.5W of waste heat and 28.1W at 1GHz. Comparatively, a Tbird at 800MHz outputs 48.5W of waste heat and 60.6W at 1GHz. So if he is not building a WC just for the fun of it (like I did) and is just being practical, then any HSF designed for any Athlon would do.
so it wouldnt be a help for a p3 under load?
i read the cpu database but i know they stoped updating that thing before the cco stepping chips where out. im having trouble with my new chip and i havent nailed it down to heat but if i could up the volts and keep the heat down i would think my stability would increase. hence the watercooling or of course better hs/fan. but i am atracted to water cooling just for the fun factor. what i was hoping to acomplish out of this post is that someone would come in here and tell me there p3 would only do x and with watercooling it did y.
i think setting it up wouldn't hurt. It would be fun to learn. But, you SHOULD be fine with an SK-6 or Glaciator. A pelt can work wonders though, and a low wattage one a p3 would need wouldn't require a lot of extra stuff in the system.
From a newbie perspective, I had a blast doing the water-cooling just for fun. Ended up being a little more expensive than I planned- oh well.

Don't forget that overclocking is not all proc. You need a good board and RAM to make it all work well.

Given your proc and goals, just get a good fan and you'll be fine. Save your money for a better hardware down the road.
I consider my water cooling to be a success - I don't have five noisy fans blowing in my system :)

On a performance note - Until yesterday I only had a duron 750. Watercooling got that up around 900, air (alpha pal35) was low-mid 800's. It was one of the older durons... so I think that the chip just didn't OC well. Now I finally got the 1.33 AYHJA (after 1 day less than a month from when I ordered it). And its running fine at 1.54.

Could I get more out of my stuff? Most likely. I've only got a Ehiem 1046 pump, and that is pumping up to the top of my supermicro 750A case. I'm also using just a panaflow L1A 120mm on the cooling cube.

My whole basis for doing the water cooling is that I didn't want some noisy arse high pitched fan blowing next to me. Any performance gains was/is a side benefit.
I live in the southeast. The humidity is extremely high, and so are the temps...
1.4 T-bird @1656 @1.75v
With stock hsf
ambient: 80f
cpu: 140f
add water cooling
ambient 80f
cpu: 130f
add 156w pelt and arctic silver
ambient 80f
cpu: 70f
I spent loads of time reading everything and anything before I made a purchase, I think that saved money, and headaches, ofcourse Oclockers.com forum members get most of the credit! =)
exellent, thank you guys. ive got some more burn in to do but im looking into the danger den cube and blocks. could be lots of fun. though i wish i just had another golden chip like the first one i bought. it stinks to run at 1016 and 31pci and 155ram on the single cpu and then go dual and only get 900 37pci and 149ram. as you can see the pci is kinda high and i lose a shade of ram speed all for 116 mhz less than im used to:)
Just keep in mind that a watercooler is easy in comparison to a watercooler and pelts. For pelts you need insulation, silicone sealent and willingness to defile your board with sealent and insulation. Watercoolers take a few hours, pelts lots more time.

I used a pelt once on first watercooler in 98 and almost cried when I saw the ugly pile of crap around my socket that took a day to make. Didn't get me much more in the way of MHz though, but that was because it was a K6