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Water cooling temps?

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
Well after messing around for a while with my peltier along with watercooling, I decided to take it out for now. The tec was just getting the water too warm and I was also getting lockups in games after a while. Even though the cpu temps were around 15c! I thought maybe the chipset was getting to hot and stuck a fan on it but that didnt help.

So I pulled the pelt out and found some moisture on the insulations, the side that touches the cpu!
I'm thinking that was what was causing my lockups, Possibly.
But also the hose I'm using is clear viynl, rated at 70f. I know the peltier was getting the water a lot hotter then that. The hose was a bit softer when I touched it. and the radiator was very, very, very hot! as was the reservoir.

Well anyway my temps with watercooling alone are about 34c @ idle & no more then 41c under full load. This is 1\2 gallon distilled water with 5% antifreeze.Do these temps seem alright? This is with the system overclocked from 800mhz to 960mhz @ 1.85v.
It seems a little high to me. But I gues this is right around where my alpha ran but a hell of a lot quiter! Nice!
If the waters getting that hot you got a problem. It's one of two things either the radiator is not dumping the heat (too small a rad, poor air flow or air in rad) or the waters moving to slow (poor pump, restrictive plumbing or air in system).
If there is a noticable difference in temps between the inlet of your waterblock and the outlet when using a pelt, then the water flow is too low, water stays in the block too long and heats up too much.
I'm running two pelts a 120W and a 72W and the water never gets more than 5 deg C above my case temp. CPU temp -28C idle and -2C full load.
Well. I've put my 50w tec back in once to see how that would run. so far it started at 14c and it's gotten a bit warmer in the last 20 minutes. Up to about 18c so far.
Well, I put my 86w tec back in as well as took my reservoir out and am running a closed loop system. The results are a lot better! I did have to point an 80mm fan at the chipset in order to keep from getting lockups during 3D apps. Temps at full load are right around 17c, and around 7.5c at an idle.

The case temps are a bit high though. around 30c with my computer desk door open, When it's shut it can get as high as 39c with my fans at 7v's. @ 12v's they get around 32c but is loud as hell!

So far I'm pretty happy with the results. It didnt allow me any higher fsb speeds though which sort of sucks. I think I would have to get this chip a hell of a lot colder to get anymore out of it.