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Water cooling with bongs

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Jan 24, 2002
New Jersey
Is there a difference, performance wise, between water cooling with bongs and other water cooling methods?
YES!! Since a bong works on the principle of evaporation you can acheive lower temps than with a radiator. the best case senario for a rad is to bring the water back to room temp. with a bong, the warmer water is evaporated on its way down through the tube. the evaporation carries more heat away from the water. with a well designed and properly functioning bong you can even get temps below ambient! there are a few drawbacks. there's more maintenance than with a closed loop system, the bong takes up quite a bit of room and can be noisy if not properly filled. i hear alot of complaints about the "man peeing" noise. i effectively eliminated this by stuffing the bong full of gutter screening. the water cascades down the tube with a gentle sound kind of like a fountain or something.

check out this thread about my bong project, complete with pics.

I've read that before but it is a little confusing, do you think you can explain it a bit better with a pic, thanks
okay, how about an analogy instead cuz i'm too tired to draw... if you check out the thread i posted you will see how my bong was made step by step pics.

on with it. you know how sweat works? when you sweat the heat from your body is carried away with the reaction that takes place when the sweat is evaporated. the really cool thing about this is that sweat can do a good deal to keep your body temp at a chilly 98 degrees farenhiet at tempertures well over 100.

pretty neat huh? same principle with a bong. ur using a fan to move air across the water coming off the processor, the water is above ambient temperature (of course) and thus the air flow acelerates evaporation, carrying away (possibly) latent heat in the water as well as the heat added by the processor.

*edit* oh yeah, if anyone wants to fill in the blanks or just call me an idiot feel free to jump in *L* but i think that just about sums it up...
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A bong is defined as a temporary water cooling solution that
will allow sub-ambient temps until the user is tired of filling
it up and cleaning it out, and the high humidity in the room. :D
I get how it works but I don't know what I would need to make one and I don't know how to put it together. Also is it worth it to take the time to clean it and fill it up for the sub-ambient temps?
kttdkt said:
I get how it works but I don't know what I would need to make one and I don't know how to put it together. Also is it worth it to take the time to clean it and fill it up for the sub-ambient temps?

There are a couple of good articles on the front page
about how to build a bong.

Is it worth it? Maybe. It is certainly not the most popular
water cooling technique. When you go sub-ambient you
are going to get more hassles than straight water cooling.
With a pelt you have mounting and condensation issues.
With a bong there is usually no condesation problem
because in a normal home you can go about 7C below
ambient before condensation shows up. UNLESS your
bong is putting out so much water that the humidity
goes over 60% or so.

I'd bet that less than 20% of the guys that started with
a bong are still using them.

You bong guys want to step in here?
all you really need is a setup to evaporate the warmer water that comes out of your block. do this howerver you like, i think the thread i posted has enough pics to make a good step by step. as mentioned you can scan the links on the frontpage for a good article. good luck.

also, i've only been using my bong a couple of weeks. it's a good cheap way to get great cooling. i think it's a good place to start. if you wanna change later. cool. it's all in good fun and learning right?