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Water cooling with negative coolant temperature?!!

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New Member
Mar 6, 2001
The Celsius unit is defined by water; pure water freezes at 0 C and boils at 100 C. I frequently see in the articles how the water temperature is dropping below zero Celsius, even to -30. Are you just using effective anti-freeze or is the water magic so it won't freeze at negative temperatures?-)
The negative Celcius numbers you are seeing is the temps of the cpu core being cooled by the cold side of a peltier, and the hotside of the peltier is being cooled by the watercooling, which the water is probably around 21-45C. If ya don't know how peltiers work there are a number of fine aricles on this site and others.
or running cold water from a chiller ,suprisingly water that is moving takes much less antifreeze than most people think ,the disadvantage to running cold water ,is the nessecity to insulate the entire water path for condensation intsead of just the CPU area ,like a TEC
surlyjoe, i came up with a way to completly rid condesation forever from a computer. Just run it in a vacuum and then allow air into the container through a desicant tube. Would work wonders!!!!!!! You could even go even cooler to oh say a slurry of acitone and dry ice!!