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water cooling with non usual parts

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Dec 28, 2003
i am trying to save cash by creating my own water cooling system...

i have helped many a friend modify cases so i am no noob...

just wondering about a few things...

i am going with 1/2 inch piping and fittings..

my pump will come from petsmart and is a (i think) an impeller/centrifugal pump(it has an impeller that spins the water and pushes it out one nozzle) the pump is originally for a fish tank. it pumps 400 gph but is also adjustable and reversible and is advertised by www.petsmart.com at 27.99 bux... i am wondering if this pump will be able to handle the use of a danger den maze 4 block with a hand made resevoir

the resevoir will be constructed out of copper piping (1/2) with flex pipe sot that i can construct a barred radiator... i will use copper wiring fluxed to each tube vertically as both a holder for the pipes and additional surface area... i am going to put it behind my input fans under my second hard drive dock in my chieftec case. will it be enough to cool the water?

my piping will be stiff ID 1/2 piping from home depot or lowes for aoubt 5 bux per five feet...

block again i am hoping to use a danger den maze 4.... i am thinking about either using the bolt on option or the slot holder... it depends on wether my replacement abit nf7-s mobo arrives soon.. (burned the bios chip didnt feel like replacing it m yself)...

clamps will be screw tighten clamps used for a porsche 944 and 911 water system (i got a few lying around)

this will be for a amd xp 2000+ cpu... once i remove the volcano 11 that is on it... i will have a v9 and 11 to use for the radiator if need be...

anyone think this is a good or bad idea????

addtional links

pump - (it is a power head but i am going to be able to slightly m odify the attachments so that it fits ... the 402 ) http://www.petsmart.com/fish/shoppi..._acces_/powerheads/products/product_773.shtml
man all that iand i forgot to ask if anyone thought that it might create too much pressure in the system and if i should use the 402 or the slightly cheaper and weaker 302
yeah get a chevette heatercore and some clearflex from dangerden. the vynil from homedepot will suck. also, if you don't want to put in the effort, get a t-line fitting. its a lot smaller, works the same(albeit slower) at bleeding the system, and won't take nearly as much effort. i also just got a danner mag3 pumpand would reccomend it, the one you were looking at looks very awkward in shape and the mag 3 has a fairly good reputation around these forums (cept you'll have to seal it up a bit).