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Water Cooling - with TEC vs. without

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Jul 1, 2001
I recently upgraded my system from the ground up, with a thunderbird 1.2ghz (266fsb) on an MSI k7t266 mb - also a geforce2 pro 64mb video card. I have some decent cooling - 4 fan case and thermaltake superorb on cpu, with blueorbs on the chipset and gpu. Nevertheless, the combination of noise and cpu temps have drawn me to watercooling (even non-OC'd, the mb sensors read my chip as running at 48-51 degrees C!) Obviously, this is not healthy. First off, has anybody heard anything about MSI board sensors being inaccurate?...I've heard about asus's being way off. But anyway, as for my main questions: For a watercooling system, would a TEC add significant benefits, enough to warrent the extra cost? Also, I'm wondering about water blocks for my gpu/chipset. Is this worth the cost and should I bother with TECs for these, too? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a friend whos has knock-off heatsink, a copy of one of them big *** Taisol HSF, and has his TBird 800 (not O/Ced) at 46'C (MBM) -and this is in the sweaty tropical climate. The question of whether a temp. is 'healthy' or not should be reducible to whether it functions stably at that temp. or not -so should you be alarmed if your CPU hits 60'C but still runs 3DMark on loops for hours on end w/o any matter?
Anyhow, TECs, if you must know, is the ONLY way to reach godly speeds aside from the more traditional refridgeration cycle that uses Freon. There are no other methods of cooling that can bring your below ambient. But at what cost? A good TEC will probably cost you upwards of US$25 and add a few more kWh to your utility bill. Then you gotta get other stuff like cold plates, insulation (for condensation), another (or bigger) PSU, and you MUST have a water cooling setup. Air cooled peltiers aren't feasible. If you feel you have the extra cash to spend for a few additional hundred MHz, then it's for you. Otherwise, an air-cooling HSF will serve you well. But then again, I feel that O/Cing is more of a HOBBY and most hobbies do cost money anyway.
GPUs do generate a lot of heat you could certainly consider TECs and watercooling for them but as I recall a lot of ppl get good results by just replacing the stock HSF with a bigger one.
cjtune you are completely right as in 90 per cent of the times it isn´t worthy to OC ( regarding money), but apart from being a hobby it is a challenge.
btw, I have a p100 mhz and the only thing I can see in the mobo are the frequency and the multiplier, have never seen something to change the core, nor the fsb.
in the other mobo I have( celeron 600) qhich is a qdi advanced 9 I have only seen a jumper to change the fsb and it was at 66 but could also change it to 100 or 133, any hint?
would you teach me a bit ?