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Water Cooling?

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
Well my wife finally gave me the alright to go to water cooling! WOOHOO!

What I need to know is what is good stuff to buy. I will be using my peltier with it (86watts). I checked out tom leufkins and was thinking about ordering his 200gph inline pump, PIII water block, Radiator (the big one) and his aluminum water tank. It will cost me about $112.00 with shipping and handling. Is it worth it or can I get better for the same price or cheaper?

You may want to check the news paper for garage sale with someone advertising fish tanks in order to get a cheaper pump. And you may want to check auto parts stores (or if you are real adveturous, junk yards) for a oil or transmision cooler.
I thought about the fish tank water pumps but wasnt sure how they would perform? Anyone have any experience with it?
I just got a Becket 90 GPH pump and set up my first adventure into water.... everything has been workin with no leaks(knock on wood) for almost a week.... I've gotten about a 12 degree drop... I can't give exacts since my thermal diode got killed.... but MBM reports about a 10-12 degree drop all around... idling and loaded. I'm actually considering getting a slightly smaller radiator(it takes SO long to stabilize temps) or even trying a chiller or sorts instead. But long story shory, I'm happy with the Becket 'pond pump'. I currently don't see a need for much more than that.
contact [email protected] the guys name is chip, he custom builds submersible pump/reserviors. You can get the same thing as the leufkens but with a 350gph pump instaed of those P.O.S. rio 180;s

cost is $75.00 ($20.00 more, but well worth it)