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water cooling.....

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Jun 21, 2001
ok.. im totally new at this kinda subject.......
i just finished building a system....

Celeron 500
416megs pc-133 cas2
30Gig Maxtor ATA100 7200rpm
Intel 815 chipset/vidcard ** eeewwww **
Msi 815PRO mobo
Yamaha 4x4x16
Acer 52X ide cd-rom

and i got 4fans/heatsynks in it right now... i got a Just cooler 60mm fan blowing on my cpu from the top... a just cooler pci cooler... a 486 cooler cooling my chipset... and some cheap heatsynk/fan cooling my celeron..

my celorie idel's at 29c's and full load its at 43c's..... what i want to do is slap some water cooling on my celorie, now what i need to know from you people ** hopefully ** is... do i need to insulate around/under my celeron?

and does this look like a good set?

Spek's on pump...
1046 Centrifugal Pump
Flow rate 300 l/h
Discharge head 1.20 mWs
Power consumption 5 W
Inlet for the hose Dia. 13 mm
Outlet for the hose Dia. 11 mm
Dimensions L x W x H mm 145 x 75 x 103

ok.. can anyone help me? :)

Edit: rong smiley
You do not need to insulate a water cooled system because the temperatures you will be at are not close to zero degrees C. What you would be concerned about is if you are operating at or below the dew point which is when condensation will form on your equipment. This will only happen if you are running a TEC or some other means to obtain very low temps. No insul required on a Waterblock/radiator system.

A copper waterblock like from "Danger Den" will be more efficient than the one pictured.

Hope this helps.
THe only picture i could get to work was the 1st of the Senfu watercooling kit, not the greatest from the review i saw. Check out the tips and techniques section on the main page, under watercooling there are a lot of reviews and how to's. But DangerDen ive heard from many is excellent. I myself will be getting my gear from Becooling, well most of it, im buying the pump and res. from other places. But you ant go wrong with a DangerDen kit so im told. Theres a wealth of information in the watercooling tips and techniques section you should look through. Becooling offers a complete set as well if your looking for a "boxed set"
well.. im soory to say.. but those are the ONLY parts i can get my hands on....
i wish i could get em on more......

2 more questions......

does anyone know how loud that pump is?
its the Eheim 1048...... i just found out the name of the damned thing.. :)

and would Cooling my videocard be usefull?

** geforce 2 ULTRA 64meg, its in order right now **
nice...... and now an answer to this...

and would Cooling my videocard be usefull?

** geforce 2 ULTRA 64meg, its in order right now **