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Water damage????

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Dec 29, 2000
Indiana, the land of corn
Ok I think this is the best place to post this but if it should be under AMD......
I asked for advice on drying out my system after a h2o leak and got great replies. The rig is running again but I can't get as good of an overclaock as I did before!:( My previous oc was [email protected] now I can only get to [email protected]!:mad: This is by no means as stable as the previous oc either.
One other thing worth mentioning is that my psu was weak before and showed low +3.3 and +5 voltages and they are now even lower except for the 3.3 is higher??? This really has me lost! I would have thought that maybe the water caused some stress on the psu which caused it to weaken some more but that doesn't explain the increse in the 3.3.I plan on getting a new psu soon and hope that the more stable votages will help.
Any suggestions, comments, etc. would be appreciated.


Oct 18, 2001
Chesapeake, OH
Water can cause alot of problem on thing not alot of poeple know or forget about is that water it self is not conductive its the small particals that become desolved in the water that make it conductive. We work with electionics in the mining industry and there is alot of water used often the cables on even the boards become coved with water. Only mine water is very acidic and can distroy circuit boards rather quickly. What we do is wash the boards in distilled water with baking soda (We use baking soda neturalize the adic in the mine water) Once we have washed the boards in water we then do a wash in 99% alcohol dont use plain rubbing alcohol as it contains water. In some drug stores you can find rubbing alcohol that is 99% pure. While washing the board in water and in alcohol we use a soft brush to scrub the boards we do this to be sure we lift any particals from the boards that might later conduct. This works all the time for us as long as the board has not be to badly damaged from the acid.

What happens even after you dried your MB there might be small build ups of dust and such that still conduct but there at a very high impedance state. Such as 10 to 100 Meg Ohms. Often this will not be a major problem in the type of electrioncs that we do. But in a computer system These high impednace shorts could very well cause you such problems. You could try cleaning the board again in alcohol and then dry it again in an oven at 100F for 5 to 6 hours. But you may very well also find over time the board will start to preform as before.