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Water is "growing"

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New Member
May 12, 2001
I just few days ago mounted my first water cooled system. I'm very happy with it. It is quiet, cools great. So looks like there is no problems. But....
I put into the system distilled water but it looks like it "grow". First five days water was crystal clear now it start to be white. Is there any way to prevent it? Should I use something to kill bacteria? What? Alcohol?

Jerzy Puchala
I think that some more info on your setup would be useful.
What kind of setup do you have, inline, resevoir, what?
Do you use a radiator or cooling tower?
If you use a radiator is it aluminium or copper?
If you use a radiator is your water block aluminium or copper?
Have you added anything to your coolant besides water?

Give us this information and I'm sure we'll be able to help you out. :)
Thank you for very fast naswer!

The additional info which you request:
Radiator: Black Ice - afaik copper
Blocks from DD - copper
pump Eheim 1048
I build it inline with no reservoir. I do not add anythink to the water.

This is mix of systems from "Water cooling case - A to Z" and "Dual CPU Water Cooling - ABIT BP6". The main idea is from first one and additionaly I have two cpu's.

Jerzy Puchala
you should add something to the water to kill bacteria. a tad bleach, listirine, alcohol have all been tossed around. i plan on using some bleach in my watercooling system, and listiring if i dont like how the bleach smells (bong system).
Sometimes. In an inline setup with a strong pump, a small amount of air can become emulsivied in the coolant and give it a white apearance. Either way additives will protect against growth and reduce surface tension so as to break the micro bubbles.
So what exactly should I use? Purple Ice, Water Wetter, alcohol or maybe something different?