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Water Loop Temps

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Nov 10, 2012
Ankeny Iowa
Reconfigured my loop setup and added a temp probe to the reservoir. Loop temps run about 20C at idle and after 60 mins of R23 max temp is 26C water temp
I am running a 480mm x 60mm rad with 18 fpi in push/pull configuration with a Ryzen 9 7900x. Fans are set up on a fan curve based off the temp probe. Min fan speed is 20% @20C and ramps up to 60% @ 50C, fans don't go much over 35 to 40% after 60 mins of 100% load. CPU clocks stay steady at 5.4 all cores. Thinking of adding a 6950XT to the loop and was going to add more radiators but it seems like I don't need to? Any advice on setting up fan curves or loop temps?
Right now my current loop temps are 26.8c. Under heaving gaming my loop temps get to 37-39c. My Cpu runs hot no matter how many times I reseat the block. My gpu is a heater and adding a 120mm fan on the backside helped alot. Gaming load temps of Cpu stays 65c and Gpu temps 55c. With all my fans I can feel the hot air coming out of the case. How do you think I keep my feet warm? :cool:

Top rad is a 480 with 8 bitfenix pro's 120mm in push/pull. Bottom rad is a 280mm with 4 Phanteks 140mm fans in push/pull. When I put my hand against the front of the res, that sucker be nice and hot :rofl:

My fan profile locked at 50%. Best balance for noise/cfm ratios. Full bore is not an option. I'll go 80% for short periods, but then it gets a little noisy. Yeah for me it's 50%

Guess you gotta play with your fan speeds to see what your ears can take vs cooling performance.

I remember back in the day we would run fans full bore. Think Vantec Tornados, Skythe Ultra Kaze. Dems was the days :ROFLMAO: