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Water Pump in Reservoir

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Dec 11, 2002
I made a homebrew w/c system that I just started to use about the middle of May. The system is working ok I guess but I seem to have found a small loophole. I have one of those grey in the ground electrical boxes that is like a 4" cube. In it I have a VIA Aqua water pump. I have 2 hose barbs on the top. One for the water to "exit" the box and one to drain back into the reservoir. I originally bought a heater core from the local car cemetery. It was very clean and seemed to be the correct size for what I really wanted.
Since starting up this system I have noticed that my temps seem to hover between 35°C and 41°C. So doing a little research and talking with my friend who got me involved in water cooling, we came to a conclusion that the water pump is creating heat in my system and even though it is being taken out by the fan and heater core. I decided to take a small step and buy one of those standard heater cores from Danger Den and put it in my system. Not the "Black Ice" h/c just that regular one. It is doing a little better although it is still fighting the heat that is being created by the pump. In fact I have noticed that even with the new H/C I am still getting the sames temps. I am considering a pump outside of the reservoir. Is this a good idea and any suggestions on what would be a good pump??


Jun 29, 2004
for now i would recommend sticking with the aqua, but definitely get it out of the res.... it shouldnt be too much work depending on what kind of reaservoir you built for yourself... good luck!