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Water Questions!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
I really dont need it but i need somthing new to play with in my computer so i decided on water cooling I got some products i would like you to look at and suggest somthing.

a) Koolance water cooled case www.koolance.com

d) danger den's water blocks maze1 and maze2 or a swiftech product. www.dangerden.com \ www.swiftnets.com

c)A heater core or a type of pc raditor (cube, black ice etc.)

d) Reservoir or no Reservoir?

e)Water wetter?

f)1/2'' fittings or 3/8"

Any thing will help!:D
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Feb 26, 2002
What's the question? This is all pretty standard stuff. :D

Go to the front page. There is a lot of cool stuff there. :)


Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
i think he wants to know what of those he should get,

id say go with 1/2in hose, but its a little harder to work around, so i use 3/8, it kinda depends on the pump, block and rad.

id say a heatercore cince they are better than those other radiators, there are diff sizes and choose the apropriate one for your placement and case,

i would say go with dangerden maze 2-1 waterblock, or maby that gemini spiral block. the swifty is good too....

i dont use waterwetter, i just use distilled water, but i have changed it so many times because of all the things i have been messing with, i first put a little antifreeze in it, but if its long term put waterwetter

if its short term either use antifreeze and a VERY little of dish soap to break the surface tension, or just dish soap....


Jan 29, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
Ok here it goes with a stab at helping.

a) easy, effective - however ther are better systems (Swiftech - Quiet power for example) that perform better but cost a little more. If you're so inclined you coul probably build something youself for cheaper than a Koolance with better performance,

b) all three products are fantastic. It would probably end up being a choice between the maze 2 or swifty products. Like Tecumseh says, start on the front pages and do a little comparison research. Can't go wrong between either company in my opinion.

c)Heater core if you have case room (chevette or escort type should work for you). I personally have a chevette heater core. These are cheap and very effective. If space is a concern you could go to a more specialized rad, but it'll cost ya.

d)No resevoir. You don't need it. I asked Hoot this question once and he opened my eyes to a few issues. Takes up space (very precious inside our cases). The submerged pump in a resevoir will add unwanted heat into the system. You will want to install a T- fitting and have a filler tube off the T. It will also serve to allow you to bleed the air from the system. Have a look at Hoots setup on the "Waterblock Shootout" on the front page for what I'm talking about. This brings up the pump selection issue now. You will need the an inline pump for this setup. Think of this as the heart of the system. You don't want to scimp on this item

e)real good idea. Protection for you system. It will help with the battery effect of different metals used in the system. A little preventitive corrosion measure.

f) This has been a contentious issue on the forums. Go with what your sytem block is designed for, is about the only advice I can give. Keep reading and you'll start to get the picture.

Hopefully this helps you out. I recenly got into water cooling and have learned allot from fellow members. The subject of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics can get very complicated. Leaning from others experiences can really simplify things and help you not make mistakes made a thousand times before by others.