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Water Tower MKII?

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Feb 16, 2001
Cambridge England
As anyone who knows about the Evap tower there is only one major problem with it. It looses water. So my Idea is to duct all the air which comes out of the Tower and Blow it through a heatsink with a pelt on, the heatsink would be sloped. I will have to be a low powered one and I would be cooled by another heatsink of somekind.Then as the water should condence on the heatink. then it would run off down a grill of some kind and you can make sure no water is evaporated from it bu diverting most of the air away from the grill. The water then goes back to the main tower an the loop.

I think this would work what are you ideas on this
really good idea. But you get to the point where it starts to be like one of those vintage mouse traps that include every kind of mechanical device in sequence series to drop a cage over a mouse. Once the pelt comes into the equation. You need power and it is more effective just to chill the water. But by no means as interesting. A well designed cool grid to condense water out of the scavanged air and chill it would be wicked as proof of concept. And would really display the design abilities of the individual so make sure all this is interesting to look at
I have been thinking about this idea ever since I found out about teh Evaporation Tower. The main prob I can think of at the moment is the water which gets condenced on the heatsink getting reevaporated. I have some basic designs here at my house. As I said the main sticking point is to stop reevaporation. I think the solution would be to cool the heatsink to about 5-10 C below ambient and restrict the air speed so that the evaporation is reduced to minimum. Unfortunatly i cannot build this to test out as I am broke at the moment and I dont have a water cooling system to include it in.