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water water everywhere...

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New Member
Jun 24, 2001
Does anyone know of instructions/tips/photos for a semi-complete water cooling system ie not just the standard video/cpu/mobo deal but possible hard drive cooling, etc. I looked into this with Koolance but it seems as though their products are neither customizable nor built for even reasonably demanding systems. I've looked at tons of pics of water-cooled systems and the cooling itself seem pretty much the same for all of them. Has anyone gone completely out on a limb?
For performance, it’s not practical to cool the whole box with water. You want to cool the hottest part, the CPU. Adding other devices to the cooling loop will increase your CPU temps. Those devices can be cooled adequately with air anyway.
Yes, it's the ends to the means that really matter. It doesn't matter what kind of cooling you employ (air, water, TEC, fridge, passive) as long as it is able to get rid of *enough* heat to maintain a component at a accepatable temperature (economically, otherwise just use the money to buy a faster CPU). Don't be like that guy who has 7 peltiers in his box...
If you think about it, 7 peltiers in a box throwing off at least 50w of heat EACH, that's a mightly nice space heater there.

The only feasible (hehe) way of complete cooling will be immersion in a semi viscious oil. Even then, all internal drives will be out of the issue. You really don't want to stick your hand in the cooling oil to play your CD... not that it would run anyhow.