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waterblock mounting device

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Feb 13, 2001
i have a question for you guys. im happy with my home brewed system, cheap and effective...but i have not been able to figure out a good waterblock mounting thingy. all im using now is a normal heatsink fastener with a few pieces of metal to extend the ends. im almost positive that it is not mounting as flush as i would want it too with the core.

soooo...if anyone has any links, tips or ideas on how i might go about making a descent mounting device for my waterblock i would be very appreciative:)
If it's SocketA and your MoBo has the four holes, I have an Idea for you.

Get a flat piece of scrap barstock (a flat piece of metal about .5" wide and 3.25" long). Get something kind of rigid. And drill two .24" holes in it 2.966" from center to center. Then use two of the four MoBo holes with some bolts and springs to hold it down.
I have an extra mounting device I made to mount my water block. if you will send me your adress i will send it to you. Unless you want to make your own. It is real easy.You needa piece of aluminum flat stock two inches long one half inch wide and one quarter inch thick. Drill and tap it in the center for a five sixtenth bolt. On each end one eighth from the end drill a one eighth hole. take two one eighth carter keys. two inches long. where the end is round flaten it out a little so it will fit on the socket and not slip. It took me all of fifteen min. to build mine. here is a pic of mine.
thanx for the ideas:)

and yeah, ill just build my own....doesnt seem too hard, thanks for the offer though:)