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waterblock vs. watersink

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Dec 14, 2001
give me your opion. Which would cool better a swiftech mc462 converted to a watersink or a waterblock? I have both the mc462 and the mcxc370.
Here's a design I have been contemplating. The corners without the 3/8" outlets would be filled with shaped foam to direct the water and minimize dead flow areas. Thi 1/2" inlet would have a 1/2" copper tube extending to just above the center of the base of the heatsink. I think the all copper swiftech would be a very good candidate for something like this.
outlets wouldn't have to be that big since you have two. 5/16" is plenty should be the same as one 5/8" outlet
Agreed, equal flow in both directions would be desirable.
How about combining 1" inlet w/dual 1/2" outlets to this monster pump which flows 724gph through a 1" line @ 4feet. What kind of encasement material and thickness do think would be needed?

1" high flow pump
wouldnt you get more flow coming out of the bottom fitting of the heat sink due to the effects of gravity? or will the water pressure distribute the water evenly?
With the cool water entering over the core and dispersing equally out and away (yes by means of water pressure) the need for two outlets is to eliminate dead flow areas where heat would build up if there was only one outlet. Also the heated water would be propelled away from the base along the pins which would give up even more heat to the water.
If you do not intend on turning back once you have started, cut those pins down to about 1/4-1/2" long. The rest of the height won't do anything for you.

You'll want the height of the cover not to be much greater than the height of the pins or else the water will take the path of least resistance in the dead space above the tops of the pins.

If it were used on a pelt would the pins be better left taller and also have the intake tube extend down close to the base inside the cube?
Not really, but removing a couple of the pins to accommodate extending the tube down a little has merit. They pull out with a pair of pliers.

hoot, would the watersinks be more effective or would a waterblock? money is not an issue I would be happy to spend the money on a good waterblock if it were better.
Y'know, I haven't done much with watersinks, though I have a prime candidate HSF to make one from. Ever see Joe's review on the Globalwin CDK-38 ? A pin HSF made from one piece of copper, not aluminum pins staked into a copper base. I have one and am seriously considering converting it to a watersink, just for something to play with in the shop. I think it has potential. Otherwise, a well designed waterblock will serve your needs if you just want to buy something that works right out of the box.

Any comments on the high flow pump w/one inch inlet idea? The two 1/2" outlets could each go through their own radiator before merging back to the pump. This type of block with one large chamber would seem to make sense to use in this high flow situation.