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Watercooled Yaaa! are my temps OK?

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Oct 13, 2002
ok here :

40* Idle 43*full load
2400+ @ 166x14 = 2336MHz

Via aqua 1300 3/8" barbs
Gemini High flow spiral WB
Case-Mod.com 120mm radiator (like 12 passes)
2 chrome fans in push n pull config...80CFM

are these temps ok?
i wanna be able to go to 2.0-2.05 volts so i can do 15x166=2550MHz?

should i try to go that high?

will have pics as soon as i find batteries
What's your ambient temp and how are you recording the temps? Do you have an onboard thermal diode or in socket thermistor?

At first glance I'd say your temps are higher than they should be, but there's other factors us forum people need to know before an opinion can be given.
abient is around 23*
i get 43 idle and 46 full load with 168x14 = 2366 and 2.0volts
Yeah those seem pretty good. Idle seems a bit high but It shouldnt really matter.

Nice setup by the way.
wuzzapiman said:
ok, thanx now i feel ok to go to 2505Mhz and 2.1Volts

Good luck trying to hit 2.5 GHz! That would be very good for an XP 2400+. Does your motherboard read the insocket thermistor or On-die temps? Either way those temps are fine.
It reads both but they are from the temps are from the not internal one. AS3 rules!!!! my temps are now @ 40-41Idle and 44 full load!
Yeah i have a setup which is quite close to that - but 1/2" tubing. I'm running my xp 2200 at 1.850 vcore and my temps are:

Ambient: 21ish
Idle: 40
Load: 43
Water temp: 30
ok here idle 44 load 47
with 2.175 volts ... 13x185 (will do 200x12 but imm scared)
This is my only computer so im settling some where less than 190Mhz FSB. But i am seeing right now if i can run it @ 2.4 with 2.075 or less volts. Ive been burning it in @ 2.175volts for the last few days.