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watercooling...almost done

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Dec 22, 2000
I need a pump! I found one locally that has a 90gph rating.....

I am going to be running an AMD 1.0 @1.2 with 2.05v core....DangerDen waterblock, 12"x5" radiator with (2) 120mm fans, and custom made reservoir.
Will 90gph handle that load considering I have a rather large radiator?
Thing is I NEED a pump, like in 3 days, and if 90gph will be fine, I am getting the one locally..... :)
The question was, and is, will a 90 gallon per hour flow rate be sufficient to cool a 1.2ghz AMD @2.05v, considering a large 12"x5" radiator with (2) 120mm fans at @65cfm each....

Thanks for the reply.....
90 GPH will get you going but I would prefer more flow, somewhere between 250 to 500 GPH. Then you have the option of restricting the flow with a hose clamp to get optimum results. If you undersize your pump at the start, you may never know if more flow is needed.

Try looking through the yellow pages. Koi pond shops, aquarium stores pet shops and nurseries are where to look. Many larger cities have small Koi shops that don’t advertise in the yellow pages so be sure to look under “K” in the white pages. Most Pet Smart stores will have the Danner 250 and 500 in stock.
You can also check Home Depot, Sears or local home and garden shops. They all carry pond and fountain pumps at varying GPH. Of course, prices will be all over the place.