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Watercooling disinfectant

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Feb 17, 2001
Ok, i got a bong water cooler set up, but i need some sort of disinfectant to keep bacteria and fungus from growing in it. I'm using pvc pipe, copper waterblock, some brass fittings, clear plastic tubing, just basic stuff. need something cheap that won't corrode anything and won't evaporate and kill me or my dog. had bleach suggested. sodium bromide (i think it corrodes copper), and bromine (makes all hell break loose on pvc i think) were suggested already. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks
How about a little bit of a mild soap. Not enough to make it foam but just enough to make the water toxic for bacteria and slime...
Like Woolite.

Hey, you could also just add a little Listerine or Colgate mouth wash. It will keep the bong clean and smellin good enough to kiss :)
you can use bleach as a disinfectant. There is also some crap that they put in Humidifiers that supposedly does a good job too. I have also heard some stories about listerine......
cool thanks for the replies everyone. will get it all done once the stupid waterblock gets here (knew i should have built it instead of relying on the stupid mail ;-))
How about isopropyl alcohol, not only will it kill the bacteria but it should evaporate at a higher rate giving you an increased cooling effect ;D

I'm not suggesting you use just alcohol, but add it to the water. I'm assuming you are not using indirect cooling but that the water in the bong evap is going to you waterblock, in which case I would leave out the antifreeze (if you are using any), don't want droplets of that stuff floating around and coating everything - unless you are venting the unit to the outside and it doesn't matter.