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Watercooling Experts Please Read!

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Jan 26, 2001
Penn State University
I just wanted to get the opinion of some experienced watercooling people about the pump I am going to purchase! Here is the address to it: http://liquidcool.org/main.php?SESS...114cfe&zone=20&action=20&item_pnum=PMP-ATV500

I am going to putting it in a 6x6x4 that he is also offering at his site. Take a look if you can and let me know if that is a good idea! I am going to be using this with a dangerden Maze2 block and a dangerden Cooling CubeThanks a lot!

in mho, the water flow is too much, you should be around 350gph or else the water will go through the rad. too fast and not get sufficiently cooled, of course you could but a flow regulator on there though, but a 350gph would e cheaper overall and easier
I was looking at that pump last night and it looks pretty good but I was wondering how much current it takes to run that puppy. You might have to have a second power supply for it. The 500 gph looks good though especially if you have one of those Dangerden 'cubes'
I was talking to the guy who runs the site on icq last night and he says it is the equivalent of a few good fans so as long as you have a decent power supply you will be fine!
Well that is what I was aiming for overall and I decided to go with the 500 because the reservoir and pump are going to be outside of my case to the side so it is goign to have to compensate for the extra tubing and the lift of getting to the radiator in the case. I figure with all that factor in the actually flow rate will probably be much closer to 300gph or 350.

You will have to adapt the outlet - its for 3/4" tubing, and most of the waterblocks I've seen use a 3/8" inlet/outlet. But thats pretty minor stuff.
actually the guy who runs the site is going to install the pump in the reservoir and adopt the outlet and all that for me and have it all preinstalled and ready to go for me. He is a really good guy!