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Watercooling for my LGA775 system

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May 19, 2004
Sweden Gothenborg
Hi Guys.. Need som help to watercool my system.

I have the following.

Chieftec BA-02B-SL-B

Abit AG8 3RD Eye (LGA775) Motherboard http://www.abit.com.tw/page/uk/moth...DEL_NAME=AG8-3rd+Eye&fMTYPE=LGA775&DEFTITLE=Y

Intel Pentium 4 530 "LGA775 Prescott" 3.0GHz (800FSB) with HT Technology

ABIT ATI Radeon X800 XT 256MB DDR3 VIVO TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express)

AND ALSO (but these components dont want watercooling)
2 x 512 Samsung DDR400
2 x 250 Gb Sata (Western Digital)
Antec Neopower 480

So I have a socket 775 motherboard and i have a hard time finding waterblocks that fit the CPU.
And then what kind of waterblock should I use for the Northbridge (Intel 915P Based)
And last but not least... What kind of block should i use for the GPU???

I have already purchased the necessary cables from a retail shop (its all 1/2") but i could always use adapters if the waterblocks are 3/8". And I got a Eheim 1250 pump from a friend(got it for free so I aint complaining).

I need some advices on these parts.. thanx... price is not a issue, and im not in search for peltier or compressioncooling. Dont dare to overclock either(my graphic card was to tough to my wallet) I just wanna kill all the sound.

Appreciate all the help I can get... THANX :attn:
Most companys have adaptors out for there products Koolance, astek as while as danger den all have products for your system I am running a koolance exos AI and it is working pretty while on my AG8 it gets to 55max load have a few hours but that is better then 70+ on the stock HS.
The Swiftech MCW6000 or 6002 is a great choice, it's relatively cheap and a great performer.

If money isn't an issue, the best you can buy is probably Cathar's G4 or G5. You'll have to wait a while for them though, since he does them in batches. http://www.employees.org/~slf/lrwb/
Thanx for the answer feyd83(did i get that right)... unfortunately I cant find the 6000 and the 6002 in any shop(live in sweden) by the way. So I have to start considering purchasing my waterblocks from abroad...

Does this sound compatible???

Asetek Chip Set Cooler NB01/P1 1/2"
Asetek CPU Cooler Socket T(775)
Asetek VGA Cooler VGA01/P2 1/2
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If you get the Swiftech MCW6002, you will have to pay $10 extra for the LGA mounting plate. You can also look at the DangerDen RBX or the TDX, which you can get both to fit the LGA at no extra cost.