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Watercooling GPU Loop - help please.

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New Member
Apr 17, 2018

since I am pretty new to the magic of watercooling I am asking you to give me the OK before I hit the buy button.
My goal is to get a pretty silent but cool OC for my 1080 TI.. I am not trying to break OC records here :D

So here we go:

Case: Meshify C


Clearance with stock fan on the meshify C is 315mm the GPU with the Heatkillercooler 267mm + 45mm RAD would be 312mm +2mm for the Arctic fans.. and well we are at 314mm..

So what do you guys thing about 1mm between RAD and GPU PCB.. should I get a 30mm thick RAD - for safety.. oh and X-flow or non-xflow ( The X-Flow radiators are built for high flow rates.) But I dont know if thats just marketing bs and doesnt give any real world benefits.

RAD: Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper X-Flow 280mm radiator

I was watching atleast a hour of youtube videos about reservoirs and pumps..

But I really can not decide which to buy.. I dont want to pay a fortune for them.

good noise good liters/h. Not to expensive. Any advise?
For the Reservoir.. just some cheap tube ..

Some softubing..

If you have any advise I would be thankfull. I hope I didnt forget anything..

Thank you!!


Senior Pink Member
Sep 13, 2015
Is it possible to have the fans on the front side of the case under the front cover? If so that will buy you room.

Otherwise I would look at the st30 over the xt45. My xt45 measures closer to 47mm at is widest point. So if you are talking being that close on spacing I would not risk it.

As for cross flow. I would use a traditional rad unless your installation forces use of a cross flow radiator.

As for pump I would go with a pwm D5 pump personally. You can couple whatever reservoir you want with that depending on how it fits your installation.

Tubing check out primoflex advanced lrt tubing.

Double check the fitment of your gpu block with your gpu model. Not all blocks fit all gpu models.

Lastly check out the beginners guide in the watercooling section for some good reading. You will probably learn more there than on YouTube.


Water Cooling Senior Member, #TEAMH20HNO
May 22, 2011
I'd also probably go with the ST30 and dependent on your loop's configuration on the X-Flow. Looking back, I might have went with a X-Flow rad for the top rad in my case for the ease of routing the loop and it does make it look nicer.

As for fans, have a look at Swiftech Helix 120s (PWM?) or Yate loons. Not sure what you'll be using to control these so that will depend if you go PWM on the Helix's or not.

Fittings? Bitspower for premium compression fittings or barbs and clamps if you're budgeted.

Tubing as already stated, you'll want to go with PrimoChill's Advanced LRT tubing and the choice of your color if you choose to.

Fluid? Look at the Aquacomputer's DP Ultra clear premixed fluid.

Lastly, for the res/pump, you could go with a affordable DDC but I'm not sure how you want to go about installing it with the reservoir. I would advise giving us a blue print of your case and loop to see where you're looking to position and install your res/pump combo. Don't forget, you can go bay res and pump or cylinder res and pump.