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Watercooling Help!

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Jan 26, 2001
Penn State University
I have another question about setting up my water cooling system. I am planning on getting the DangerDen Cooling Cube and I have heard that you need a pretty decent pump to be able to move the water through that. The pump/resevoir that I was thinking about getting was the Resepump over at www.caseetc.com ... Will this be sufficient enough for the task? Thanks to everyone for all the help that you guys have given me!

It should be enough, I'm running a 90 GPH model, but not using a cooling cube. I think the biggest concern is the 'head' of the pump - how high it can lift the water. That pump has a 46"in head, which should cover you. Of course, you could(for about the same price) head to Lowe's or Home Depot and get all the parts you need, making the thing yourself. Oh, and you'll have enough money to get a bigger(in the 200GPH) pump, too. It's really no very hard to build what they did. There's even an article on this site, under the watercooling section. At least look that and the water pump 'showdown' over before you buy.
I am running a 210GPH pump pushing water through about 8ft of hose(including the radiator), all I can say is that performance is greatly affected by the lenght of the system. I am maybe getting 1/4 of the rated flow probably less. And my whole system is level so it doesnt have to push the water up hill. If you are going to use a lotta tube(including the radiator, get a good pump to move the water, at least 200GPH.
From what I have read from alot of posts, people that are running the DD Cooling Cube are better off geting a higher output pump (350 to 500 gph). The cooling cube has a lot of bends in it, so the pressure out of the radiatior is greatly reduced.

contact chip at [email protected], he sells 350gph submersible pumps in a 4x4x4 cube- looks just like the becoolings aquacube and the leufkens cube except it has the higher rated mag drive pump
I run a Nursery Pro 650 with my Cube and Maze2. It's rated at 650 GPH at 1 ft of head and is the same pump as the Danner 700 (rated at no head). If the flow is restricted, the temps go up. What does this tell you?