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Watercooling Help?

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
I plan on slowly building a water cooled server case-i want the case to be mobile, and the water cooling stuff to be internal if that is possible-i know bout computers but not anything bout watercooling, please anyone that has watercooling xperiance and some pacience to explain please help
Mobile, not a problem. My whole watercooling system is contained in my case. I even have the pump set up on a socket on the back, so I use a reg power supply cord. Let me know what you need help with and I will gladly get you set up.
ok here it goes.. you cant realy buy different parts at different times, you kinda have to get all of them first, but you could build the watercolling into the case befor you buy the hardware. You will have to get a pump (to circulate water) a radiator (to cool down the watter) and a waterblock (used like a heatsink). you will want it to go pump, radiator, waterblock, pump, radiator, etc... in a continuas loop, or you can make a bleed line wich will allow you to get ALL the air out of the line, it uses usualy 3 levers to let the air out (i have no idea how to do that). you will also mostlikely want to get a good "holddown" like a plexie glass one that goes through the mobo. most of this stuff can be found at becoolinghere
rob-the thing i need help with how to set it up, pump,radiator,block0recommendations on a pump/radiator, and is a Danger Den block good-anything you can tell me i know NOTHING bout watercooking-maybe a good site with pics and text
What??? You've killed your K7 600? I'm sorry for you, how did it happen? As I promised I get pics of my watercooling next week, I'm a little busy right now, I have an exam monday. Somewhere next week, a friend of mine drops by to take some pics with his digital camera. About the rig, I have a heatercore as radiator (picked up at local junk yard, 5$, outperforms all mini-radiators, great tip!). Only the radiator is outside, is 20x20 cm, and when I go somewhere with my rig, I tie it on the top of my case (mid-tower) and everything is portable, done it twice already. The block (alu) was enginered by my father, real good job, but this kind of things require skills I don't even have, so I think you have to buy one. But be patient, wait till I have pics...