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WaterCooling Kit Innovatek def. Swiftech

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Aug 3, 2001
KingB said:
TGH also rated the Innovatek as being better, so I am not sure what you are getting at.

From what I can tell the reviews are in agreement?
When THG came out with that test they were ridiculed for not testing the Swiftech with a fan on the radiator. Even O/Cs.com disagreed with the test from what I remember. Everybody here started to scream bloody murder & believed the test to be false. I always asked the question why w/o the fan. Looks like even with a fan it still lost to the Innovatek. I just wanted to hear the reaction of the people here. By the looks of the reply or the lack of it nobody wants to admit that the swifty lost.


Jan 29, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
I didn't know about the controversy of the THG test. I suppose I should have read the test setup better. Thanks for the clarification.

In the end it would appear the Innovatek still beats out the Swifty (assuming Joes test was correct)

The other intangible features of the Innovatek also appear to be very good. The hold down mechanism looks to be a practical and effective design. They use very good components throughout the entire system. I don't doubt the results. A refined product like the Innovatek could easily be better (From a full system standpoint) than the swifty.

At least until the next round of systems are introduced...


Sep 29, 2001
Staten Island , NY
I belive that swifty will beat the crap outta the innotek block.
Im gonna order my parts in a week or soo (as soon as i get the $$$)
I think these low temps are casued by using a crappy radiator.
Im getting this sucker!! Black Ice Extreme Radiator rev. 2

think this will doit!!
ill give some test results in a 2weeks or so