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Watercooling Kit Recommendations ?

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Feb 9, 2001
im moving from air cooling to water cooling .. What are the best ones to consider ..
i saw the Aquastealth 2 kit w/ the dual radiator .. looks good .. what is th ebest one to get
or wut are the best individual pieces to get .. this is my first watercooling setup .. i would like to buy a kit .. but i want super low temps .. im at 38 celcius now aircooled .. but under heavy loads my system crashes
i wanna be stable at 1400+ i haver a 1.2 ghz and now im at 10x140 .. but it will crash if my room gets hot .. hehe


also what is a good case for watercooling thanks
colin .. how are your temps ..
so i dont get a peltier or i do ??
im new to watercooling so i dont wanna buy the wrong thing .. i wanna drop my temps by alot
to get stablee at like 1400+
When my Bird was at 1325 mHz without a pelt, idle was 5 to 6C over ambient, full load about 15C.

What exactly should i buy .. i like your setup ..

Danger den Maze 2 block
Danger Den Cooling Cube
156watt peltier ?

What else to complete my water cooling setup

Also .. should i not get a peltier because of condesation ?

and I wanna get a waterblock for my Video card as well

what exactly do i need ..

like what kind of pump and stuff .. thanks alot man
are u Mr. Thompson from hardforums ??
if so .. i saw your rig

that looks amazing .. what kind of pump is that and where did u get it ?? thanks
also can the dd cooling cube provide enough cooling with a 156 watt tec ??

thanks ..

Ok .. what kind of pump do u have and where did u get it .

i know i have to order the maze 2 and the cooling cube ..
anything else u recommend .. lik ehow much tubing and stuff like that
and any other parts im missing

Sorry I missed your post last night. Mr. Thompson and I are one in the same. Thanks for the kind words. The photo's you commented on should give you an idea how I did things. Bare in mind this is not the only way to do things.

The DangerDen system has no problem with a 156 watt TEC. I’m carving up the case today to accept a DC power input and relay for the 172 watt TEC that will be here tomorrow.

The pump I use is Nursery Pro NP650. It does 650 GPH at one foot. I buy them from a Koi pond shop in Visalia. They are more expensive than the online vendors but they have the pumps and parts in stock. If you search through the forums, you will find folks have good luck with 250 to 500 GPH Danner or Eheim pumps. They are the same basic pump as a Nursery Pro.

I have never tried watercooling a video card so I can’t comment. I would recommend keeping it simple. Unless you have defined a cooling problem with your video card, start off just watercooling your CPU. The same applies for the pelt, try just water first.

Colin Thompson

I appreciate your comments. The Cooling Cube has foam weather strip between it and the case, and the PSU. Using weather strip and zip ties cuts the noise level by isolating the vibration from the fan.
hey colin .

where is your resivior ? (sorry for mispelling)
also can u mount that radiator in the bottom front ?? or is it better to top mount it like u did ??
ive seen some kits that comes with pumps that keep the water there .. i dont wanna have another thing in my case ..

so far im gonna order the dd mze 2 .. the cooling cube .. some tubing .. im not getting a TEC now .. i can always add one later ..

also want kind of case do you recommend ??

thanks for all your help .. i still dont know what kind of pump to get ..

and do i need a resivior ?? i didnt see one in your case

If you look at the pics of my case again you will see the reservoir on top of the cooling cube. It’s a cut down 4X4X2 PVC electrical junction box. The main function is to make filling and bleeding easy.

I chose an Inwin Q500 because it was big and only $70 at a local computer show. While it was not my first choice, I would buy another one. www.speedy3d.com has a nice selection of case reviews.

Check into Danner or Eheim pumps. There should be several threads about them on the forum.