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Watercooling maintenance??

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Mar 13, 2001
In the barrel!
Ok, I'm about to take the step into H2O cooling. I'm leaning towards the Innovatek kit for a few reasons: it's a complete, all in one kit; I don't want to spend alot of time screwing around with trying to put all the parts together myself; and finally, performance looks really good.

So to ask a few simple yet subjective questions:

1) How often does one need to do "maintenance" on a water cooled setup? (ie. How often should the water be changed? Do i need to change the water? etc.)
2) How does one "usually" set up the power for the pump? (Do you simply plug it into the wall and make sure you power on before turning on the PC, or do most of you use some type of setup so when the power button on the PC is pressed, it automatically starts the water pump as well?)

Thanks in advance to all who reply! :D
You can use one of many ways to turn on the pump.
Some people use a power strip (multiple plugins with one switch) so everything comes on at once.

I use a relay setup, like in the picture. This way the pump always comes on with the computer, and goes off with it too. If your wiring on the pump is different colors, use the brown and blue wires in place of the black and white ones pictured. The relay acts like a light switch, but uses the 12 volt from the computer to actually 'flip' the switch on/off. The relay you use should be rated for 10-15 amps, so that it will have a long life (this is more than the pump would need)
Be sure to use some shrink wrap, or electrical tape on the bottom solder contacts...they will have 110 volt power when the pump is plugged in, whether the computer is on or not!

Have fun!