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Watercooling Mixture

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New Member
May 23, 2001
What is the best water mixture for a water cooling system? I heard I need to add Water Wetter, Liquid Soap (how about the bubbles?), and water. Please advise me on the exact mixture because I am getting ready to fire up my first watercooling kit. Thanks.


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
All I used is is distilled water and 5 % antifreeze. the antifreeze is just to lessen the surface tension of the water and prevent any corrosion (I'm using an aluminum block and radiator). But you don't want to use to much cause the antifreeze wont absorb heat like the water will. So the more you use the less heat you'll take away from the block.


water wetter works quite well mixed in about 10%, does the same as antifreeze. Also you may want to add a something to keep things from growing.


bdf24 (May 26, 2001 08:07 p.m.):
dunno260 (May 26, 2001 06:16 p.m.):
Also you may want to add a something to keep things from growing.

Wont antifreeze or water wetter stop any sort of orginisms or crazy [email protected]#$ from growing?

antifreeze would depending on the concentration, you have might want to add something to keep that from happending. And with water wetter, I don't think it would at all. It is just a pretty basic substace of some sort, and bacteria can grow in that. Someone said a while that HD and Lowes sell a bacteriocide for humidifiers, I would add some of that, doubt it would affect performance, but of course, keeping stuff from growing is very good.