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Watercooling mods/help needed w/Aquastealth 2 watercool kit.

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Mar 24, 2001
Staten Island , New York
I currently have a Global Win WBK-38 hsf w/delta 6800 rpm fan 37cfm and my temps are 47c @ idle for cpu, from 1.4 @ 1.53Ghz .My motherboard temp is 24c.I have the AquaStealth 2 Watercooling kit with the biggest radiator beCooling sells and a rio 180 water pump ,copper ,jagged edge waterblock. I know from experiance with this watercooling kit when I had my 1.2Ghz Athlon @ 1.575Ghz my comp temps where about 3-4 c lower then my global win hsf.Is there a mod I can use to make my watercooling kit work alot better so I can get my 1.4 @ 1.7 = ) or higher I currently have the AYHJA-K stepping.I can't seem to get all the air out of my watercooling system either its pretty hard. I have a radioshack 4700 rpm 120mm fan on the radiator also.If there is also any air cooling mods I can do thats cheap please reply with that too.Theres a huge 12inch fan on the side of my case blowing air in my case to keep temps on mobo and cpu as they are now.Thanks for the help.

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